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 .Give your children the opportunity to learn and improve their knowledge of Arabic by doing fun activities in Writing, Reading, Coloring and Math. 

.These  activities  will help parents and teachers to teach Arabic  to children by providing them with lots of fun activities.     

.Your children will be able to  improve their knowledge of Arabic by doing these activities at any time of the year. They will keep learning with lots of fun, either they are attending school or are on vacation.  

 .The Arabic activities e-books are the perfect tools for parents and teachers to support their Arabic teaching. They're easy to use and immediate! An E-book is an electronic version of a book you can download to your computer. You do not need to wait for days to receive your books by mail. You will  immediately start downloading your e-books on your computer as soon as you get them. The other advantage is that you do not have to print all your e-book on paper at once. Your e-book will be saved in your file on your computer and you can print as many pages as you want at the time depending on how fast your child goes. You will be able to reprint the same page many times in the event your child needs to practice again the same activity.     

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                                            1- ARABIC  ACTIVITY BOOKS      


  My Colors In Arabic                    Shapes Of  Arabic Letters           Color Arabic Words                   Numbers In Arabic


  Arabic Coloring Alphabet      Arabic Alphabet.              Arabic Word Pyramids           Read, Write And Color  


 Reading And Writing Activities   Free Arabic Alphabet.             Arabic Math book                The 99 Names Of Allah 


                                                                                              The 99 Names Of Allah In Flashcards       

                                   2-  FRENCH  ACTIVITY BOOK


      My French Alphabet.              French Math book.               Allah's Names in


                                        3- ENGLISH  ACTIVITY BOOKS


    My Colors In English                        My English Alphabet                  English Math book



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